Connect Integration for Google Analytics 4

Connect Integration for Google Analytics 4

Connect Integration for Google Analytics 4 150 150 Daniela Sofelkanik

Dealer Venom is providing a new integration for Google Analytics 4 also known as GA4.



You can add  GA4 to your already existing Google Analytics account. The  universal analytics properties are based on ‘hit types’, while GA4 focuses primarily on ‘events’. The significant difference between universal analytics and Google Analytics 4 is that any interaction, such as a page view, is tracked as an event in GA4.


How does GA4 work?

We’re running our Google Analytics 4 integration alongside our universal Google Analytics integration, meaning that you can still report on both sets of data from our dashboard. Just choose ‘Google Analytics 4’ and walk through the short steps to integrate your Google Analytics 4 property!


GA4 sections and metrics

We’ve added 5 brand new sections broken down into different categories for you to report on your GA4 event-based metrics.


With Acquisition, there are 8 subsections broken into categories and metrics: Organic Search, Paid Search, Direct, Social, Referrals, Display, Email, Video.


  • Engaged Sessions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Sessions
  • Sessions per User


  • Active Users
  • Average Engagement Time
  • Average Engagement Time Per Session
  • New Users
  • Total Users
  • User Engagement

Page Tracking

  • Views


  • Conversions
  • Event Count
  • Event Count Per User
  • Event Revenue
  • Events per Session


  • ARPU
  • Average Purchase Revenue
  • Purchase Revenue
  • Total Revenue
  • Transactions


More info on Google Analytics 4

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