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Our solutions were developed for the modern dealer using the latest web tools. Dealer Venom’s technology was created to specifically address the pain points Dealerships encounter from the typical providers, while keeping the online shopper’s best experience at heart.

01. Superior Automotive Websites

LIVE Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates with color & trim match vehicle photos.

Dealer Venom has built the next generation responsive automotive website platform.  Our tools were created to leverage as many online advantages as possible, while delivering optimum user experiences to ensure lead conversion. We have built in live manufacturer incentives and rebates. Dealer Venom also takes advantage of color & trim match stock vehicle photos into your online showroom allowing your dealership to advertise prices using rebates and incentives automatically. Gain an advantage over your competitors by advertising the lowest price available for vehicles in your inventory.  Our ultra responsive platform is the next generation of automotive excellence.

02. Digital Solutions

Managed Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Our mission is to provide our clients with thorough assessments, products catered to help achieve their specific goals, and transparent analytics to measure success. We specialize in providing strategic and data-driven solutions which will provide measurable results for you and your stores. We have a varied collective background in programmatic digital, research and analytics, paid search & social campaigns– so with DealerVenom, you’ll have all bases covered. Our analytics dashboard is a true one-stop shop. It must be seen to be appreciated. Capable of linking over a dozen channels into a single log-in, and automated report generator – say goodbye to spreadsheets for good!

03. Creative Content & Design

Modern OEM style content and creative design

Dealer Venom delivers high impact OEM style creative on a consistent basis – while staying within brand compliance. By maximizing leads, capturing new audiences, and establishing strong branding identity – your results will improve with Dealer Venom. Consumers shop online daily. Design plays an important role in giving users a consistent shopping experience. We have over 10+ years experience in creative design and our clean touch will capture and keep the customers attention as they navigate your website.  Ask us about our branding specials and re-branding your online showroom.

04. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Researched & Analyzed Search Engine Optimization By Market

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential if you want to maximize web traffic and increase your leads. Dealer Venom’s enterprise level SEO platform, allows dealerships to tap into the largest data set in the industry, indexing billions of pieces of content, including rich media, search, and social, at web-wide scale.

When fighting the battle for page one, being a top result proves to be highly beneficial for dealerships today. Our approach to making your website more attractive to major search engines and improving organic site ranking includes a combined strategy of behind-the-scenes technology, programming, phrases and keywords, vehicle research data, and other dynamics new to the Auto Industry.

05. Email & Social Media Marketing

Connect with your customers via Email & Social Media campaigns

Dealer Venom’s responsive email platform & builder allows you to create responsive email campaigns quick and easy with using our drag-and-drop builder.  From conquest to database marketing, our email performance and analytics is top notch with the extremely lowest spam rates.  You can also create and schedule email and social media campaigns to be delivered at a later time.  Contact us for examples and performance reports now – to see it for yourself.

06. TV & Radio Production

OEM Style Radio, TV, and Web Videos

OEM style Radio, TV & Web Videos have been taking the automotive industry by storm.  We assist with creating OEM styled ads that are specifically created for your store’s brand.  Our commercials, footage, and audio compares with the highest OEM quality.  Request a demo today to see how we can capture your customers eyes and ears as they see and hear your 15, 30, or 60 second spot on the airwaves.

07. Aerial Video/Photography

Capture astonishing footage of your entire premises

We are one of the premiere companies in North America offering beautiful aerial photography and video drone services at amazing prices. We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients. By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level up to 400 feet. The finished aerial video can only be described as a one of a kind awesome experience.  Get the final product optimized and added to your website background at no additional charge.

08. Vendor Management and Analytics Reporting

Hold vendors accountable for your return on investment

Having a hard time remembering which vendor does what for your dealership? You’re not alone. With so many moving parts involved in the operation of today’s auto dealerships, it’s no wonder why managers and dealership owners have trouble keeping track of it all. That’s why we decided to simplify vendor relations by creating vendor management tactics that allow you to hold your vendors accountable for their services. Our DV Dashboard also enables your marketing director to tie in over a dozen analytics channels to one location and automate reports to your team.

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